The Truth, Playing by Heart ( Ennead )



Ennead, & Angels       Can Girls Love Us 🙂 ?         When you think of Me



Father Sananda      Sananda, Joseph of Arimathea, King Arthur, Augustine, Octavian, Judas


I always Cared for Rainbow Covenant & Keep Promises,     Trump & Braun, NASA, Illuminati  Build New Realm, I didnt work for it 

    Planet X..        Moon The Begin Of 5D Realm        New 5D Realm         

  Illuminati in Heaven….  Russian Uranium One Deal       Trump and  Putin     Illuminati, Sarah:  I got No Love, Sex Children Money … changes  wasted   



Kevin      Jes Us  John  John’s Birth   Playing By  Heart          (761 )                2256





42 Rules Of Maat    Cosmic Laws      Rainbow Covenant    Our Father   Experiment     Karma   Free Will





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