Free Will, Playing By Heart For Angels





Read This     I believe Sananda and Angels Create Me Beautiful, thin


I Have Free will of Sananda, If Sarah and Illuminati always fights, Game is Continue in 2 ? We Keep Busy with their war everytime, But I Choose For Unconditional Love, I dont agree I Become ugly or fat..






No Fine memories of Love, Sex (Sarah, Illuminati ) : Others had Love, Sex.. i Cried Nights, I walked Alone…  Deciding & Living Out ( Illuminati Appointment ) Made Me Sad & Unhappy ( not in Love ) 


Others Hate me and Said Mean Words, or Laugh at me or bullied Me, Girls didnt look at me,   they want continue that   I become Ugly or fat…   Gave No Compliments in Mirror, I did 🙁


Got No Kisses, Hugh or Sex..  I never got selfworth of Cracking off from Music in Radio, And I get No children.. Everything ,Wasted for Cash.. and everytime Changes Wasted..




I Care for Love:   Rainbow Covenant  42 Rules Of Maat  Cosmic Laws   Our Father   Experiment   Karma System









Live & Be Happy , Sananda



1116  My  Angels Give Free Will, They Give messages, They want that I Believe in Me..   I can Dance, Sing, Make Music,   and do all Things that make me Happy, also in my New Life..  


“Focus”     I can Read your Mind Twisted Transistor 404 Dont Give Up I am Not Alone Shining Heart Do What You Like  La Passion

Set Yourself Free Love Is The Name Angel No 906: Let Go Negative Energy of People : Till The Sun Rise Up 1001 trust in yourself Supreme Keep The Faith




















Good Times & Girlfriends




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