USA Justice Court, Ennead and Senate :


Mars, Nova Gaia and  Planet X.. Sananda and Illuminati ( Russia )     Trump Putin or Biden Hillary..      Illuminati Buildings Mars            China & Mars










Illuminati Live out on me 2002 -2020                                  Doing Lucifer Program & want me ugly, fat    



Sarah hates, wasted all Changes,   Creating WW3    Others got Changes with Love and sex, with Deciding that I cant have Love, Sex.  Girls didnt want to see me   


 Gave no Kiss or Hughs or Compliments..  They laughed and Fucked Pussy..      didnt Have Love and sex . I waited , Cried nights.. I have memories of Others Hate, Laughing off, Living Out..








Love Work of Angels     Rainbow Covenant Our Father 42 Rules Of Maat   Cosmic Laws Experiment   Ego-Higher Self  Karma System  & Good Times



Archangel Michael Gives Free Will        If you  choose Love, and let  others be Theirself and accept Others and  People’s Selfworth ( For example that I  I am beautiful )      There is no war…


























Unconditional Love Work of AngelsGod & Angels love Unconditionally, without any exceptions. God will always support and give you what you want, 100% of the time,

at the perfect Divine Timing They never infringe on other people’s free will”,   AND as long as you are in perfect, complete alignment with your desires

“”Jesus :     Angels Love Unconditionally and Everybody has Free Will as Birth Right “”







“You are Creation experiencing Itself, and hence Lucifer is Michael and Michael is Lucifer.         God is LuMi, Lucifer and Michael..  Luminous  Means Light Bringer     God is  Male and Female 


Ego – Higher Self          Love Work of Archangel Michael        Neoplatinism   One, Nous             Biologic Illusionary Binary Liquid Experiment       Science of Energy







What is Unconditional Love of Michael?




Accepting others choises, everything,           Choose lucifer,or  choose michael        If others believe more in Self with lucifer, Its ok..   


Why fight, Know God is unconditional love, and love Returns,     Love always Wins, 8Higher self is loving we, choosing happiness, taking good care for Self, We,


Acepting others without judgement,being one with God is that everything is created with love, and everything is Perfect as it is   


Making mistakes in love is okay, God created imperfection to learn to become Love












The Creators ( Positive Energy )        999 is the Divine Mother God.Reaching the absolute Highest Truth – God and Oneness. 


You perceive what you want to create and create what you want to perceive ,      Your desire creates the perceptions that represent that which you wish to perceive.


Your state of consciousness, which dictates your frequency of reality,       Realities travel in a circular path of creation/perception ~perception/creation, Separation is aillusion,   


  ALL is within the NOW of the ONE. 










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