Ennead, Angels : Why  become Ugly or fat , I Learned the Love Work Of Archangel Michael…



Illuminati keeps choosing for Lucifer, so wars and Fights and Problems are created by Lucifer Program Ego of Illuminati


If Sarah, Illuminati Does lucifer and I do with Sananda and Anonymous work of  michael :                Music ruins My and Others selfworth.. Rejects love of michael.. Gods love = We are happy
and then I defend myself with love of michael         Sword, shield, and freedom of voice             Then You get no selfworth of Me        And i get no selfworth of you         And We keep fighting : /


I do love of Michael .. I Keep Creating happiness              You can become  The right hand of god          If you give  same selfworth       and     Make Everybody Happy, Let others be theirself


If Illuminati keeps Fighting and Keeps Doing Lucifer program    :     All The Angels in Heaven  Let Free Will and Unconditional Love, happiness Win