How to Ground Yourself

1. Find a comfortable place to sit

Anywhere that your feet can be firmly planted on the ground and your back can have a support to lean on – any chair is great for this, or a couch where you can touch the floor. When you’re first learning how to ground, try to find a place where you will be undisturbed for the duration of the meditation. After you’ve gotten practice, you’ll find that you can ground yourself pretty much anywhere, seated or standing.

2. Close your eyes

Feet firmly on the ground, close your eyes and place your hands in your lap with palms facing upward.

3. Relax

Take a few deep breaths, slowly inhaling and exhaling, noticing your lungs filling up with air and your stomach expanding with each inhale. Fully exhale, noticing your stomach shrinking and your lungs completely emptying. As you do this, take note of any anxiety or worry that is already slipping away, simply by this action. Imagine yourself breathing in white light the divine, and exhaling worries, thoughts, or anxieties that may be visualized as gray smoke. Inhale white loving energy and exhale gray smoke. Release. Continue this exercise until you feel intuitively ready to move on. Inhale white loving energy and exhale gray smoke. Release. Continue this exercise until you feel intuitively ready to move on.

4.  Visualize yourself sitting on a tree trunk

Start to focus your energy downward, visualize the energy in your body flowing downward to the Earth, out through your feet. Imagine that the tree trunk extends down from your feet, through the floor of your house, through the basement, through the foundation of the house, and finally breaking through the Earth. Continue to imagine this tree trunk traveling down through the Earth, imagine its roots breaking through layers and layers of bedrock, until your trunk finally reaches the center of the Earth.

5. Visualize the center of the Earth

Once you’ve reached the center of the Earth, take note of what this looks like to you. Is it flowing with magma? Does it look like a crystal cave? Is it filled with white light? The energy stored at the center of the Earth is the one of the most powerful, purest forms of healing, cleansing and restoring energy. Imagine the roots of your trunk circling around the healing and restoring Earth center, hugging the core, draping over it.

6. Imagine earth energy flowing back up through your trunk

Imagine this energy as a strong, electric white currant of restoring energy, and follow it as it pulses and flows back up your tree trunk. With each inhale, watch and consciously feel as that healing energy flows up your tree trunk, through the layers of bedrock, through the sediment, through the foundation of your house, through your basement, and finally through the floor beneath your feet. Feel as that energy reaches your feet and flows into your physical body.

7. Visualize energy flowing through your body in an upside down U-shape

Once the energy reaches the bottom of your feet and begins to flow into your body, imagine that it enters your body through the right foot, flows up the right side of your body, travelling up your right leg, your thigh, your hip, your stomach, your chest, and through your throat to your crown. Then imagine this energy flowing back down through the crown, following the left side of the body, until it exits through the left foot, back into the Earth. Give it a color that resonates with your connection to the Earth – gold, dark brown, red clay, moss green, ocean blue – whatever feels right to you.

You can think of the body as a having an upside down U-shaped channel through which this energy flows, with your right side receiving energy up and the left side sending energy back down.

Continue to follow that energy as it completes its loop through the body, entering through your right foot, flowing up the right side of the body, to the top of your head, crossing over to the left side of your body, flowing down the left side and exiting back into the Earth through the sole of your left foot.

Congratulations!  You are now grounded.