I dont have to become ugly or fat for this, God and Angels Give  Love, I have Free Will and I did my best for the Angels..   I send this to USA Justice Court ?




I did my best for Our father, 42 Rules Of Maat and Rainbow Covenant   I tried to solve the war, Worth it to Stay Beautiful and thin ?     Kevin


Love Work of Angels     Rainbow Covenant Our Father 42 Rules Of Maat   Cosmic Laws Experiment   Ego-Higher Self  Karma System  & Good Times





Biden, Obama work with Hillary,    and Illuminati work with Putin Too











 I did my best ..  Sarah, Illuminati every time wasted Changes for Me and War Continues..    Appointment, 18 Y Living Out 2002 – 2020, Illuminati do Lucifer Program  and WW3 









Illuminati Appointment & Living Out 2002 – 2020


SARAH    What a Smile can Hide      Illuminati Show : Made No Love Appointment,  wasted Changes, Lived 18 Y  Out 2002- 2020 on my selfworth , Creating WW3      

Always Talking negative things about me, Living Out on Me 18 Y  Doesnt make me fall in love,    Others Creating Wars and Fights against me and I continue must become ugly or fat ? 


Got no love, friends, sex money or Children, Got Nothing..  I am always alone..              Girls, Sarah  never Gave  Changes with Love and Sex..  I Cried Many Nights, others  let me wait.. 

Over The Changes were no Conversations with Me.. Changes, with Girlfriends, or becoming Girl        Illuminati wasted changes  on Purpose…     

Others Showed Hate and Laughed me off that I cant have love, sex while Everybody can have love, sex and can fuck  all the Time







Knowing Sarah   Hadassa


I wanted to Know Sarah, I visited her Place several Times, gave my Home adres and My Mobile number

She was always acting her Role, From Begin On MSN Chat.. and I didnt Learn to know Her, she didnt miss me from the start (ignored me )

 and Lived Out with the Class & Game on Me,  She chooses for dark and hates me and doesnt miss me,


MSN:   2002, Sarah wanted that I dont start the game?     2003, Shut Up, Do you mean I Got Ignored and Sarah acted and I told the Truth  I am acting, you must beJoking right?:(

2005: Do you care for Me and my family2005: I write Sins Not Tragedies..You ruined it…       “We dont Need This” SORRY NOT SORRY?    I must Hate Myself if Sarah Hates Me?









Living Out of Illuminati Show 2002 – 2020
























Our Father





Illuminati Changes?