Love Experiment ( Angels )


Kevin      Jes Us     John  John’s Birth    Book of Revelation        Biologic Illusionary Binary Liquid Experiment B.i.b.l.e     Lucifer and Michael are Boy, Girl..  One


My Angels channeled, 907   784      000.. I Create Myself    888,  co-create with the divine        Universal Source 1212       733 Divine Perfection    ( 4747 )    737        Smile if youre Sexy 321

“33 In Alignment with  divine source and Are able to manifest whatever you desire into form.”    Trinity 333    Christ Consciousness   777    9999 Complete    1212     Whole 0000    7, Finished    1066    One




Jes Us Said : What you have done for others, so you did for me..  Love your Enemies… People can Share together With Love.. Our Voice of Truth ? We can Be Our Self … . We have Free Choise












Love Experiment Of the Angels ( Everything ) Learned:







God & Angels love Unconditionally, without any exceptions. Universe/God will always support and give you what you want,

100% of the time, at the perfect Divine Timing:    as long as what you want is always consistent with the Higher Good of all

“i.e. never infringe on other people’s free will”,   AND as long as you are in perfect, complete alignment with your desires







I Care for Everything, I always Given Unconditional Love Like my Angels Learned and I did my best for it

Ennead Rainbow Covenant Our Father 42 Rules Of Maat ExperimentKarma System  Ego-Higher Self  Cosmic Laws    Free Will





“You are Creation experiencing Itself, and hence Lucifer is Michael and Michael is Lucifer. 

God is LuMi, Lucifer and Michael..  Luminous  Means Light Bringer     God is  Male and Female, Kevin and Carolyn


The CoCreator  Paradigm    Experiment Lucifer / Michael    One ( Nous ) Neoplatinism    Quantum Wholeness & Higher Consciousness





I am Higher Self & Give Unconditional Love, I Create Happiness



















The Creators (Call On Me)

10:10 You align “Yourself” As Creator and the energies of the Universe



Angel Number 1 brings love, happiness, inspiration and strength,   intuition and instinct. you create your own reality.

Number 11 is a highly spiritual double-digit number thought to be attuned to higher realms and dimensions,



0 : It is the energy of wholeness and oneness. Everything is one.

So the angel number 0 requires us to let go of the physical world’s concept of separateness and see that every individual thing is part of a whole. 

All a product of one source. A product of one ultimate creator. As God hugs us, we become one

The angel number 0 has no beginning and no end, yet it is the beginning and it is completion.

It is the start, the finish and everything in between. Carrying the energy of nothing yet bringing together and encompassing everything.

It is known as the Alpha and the Omega. Where in the beginning there is nothing and in the end, there is wholeness.

The angel number 0 carries the energy of all the Universal energies and what is known as the God Force

Which is God’s loving light and energy that pours through everything and connects us all. It represents the energy of our connection and closeness to God and the Universe.

 Itis the creator and the source within each one of us.












444 is a Very powerful omen.


You have been tasked with the vital work

of Creating Our paradigm,

and Rebuilding it from the ground up!




















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