People had love, sex  everywhere, People Get Everything, Money, Love, Sex.. Children  Appointment , Living Out 2002 – 2020        Girls Never Gave me the Change, They Never talked with me   

 I did my best on Dating Sites, Girls dont Reply or always Reject me  thx to  Appointment        Girls didnt want to see me, Gave no Kiss or Hughs or Compliments.. 

I Always walked  Alone.. People Had love, sex..  I cried Nights & Waited    Boys laughed and Fucked Pussy..       Others got Changes with Love and sex,  with Deciding that I cant have Love, Sex.

  I didnt Have Love and sex . I waited ,          I have memories of Hate, Laughing off, Living Out I  Didnt see Girls In Lingerie ..    They had fun with Fucking Other Boys..