I  dont like  that I  always must walk alone,  and cry Nights,,   Appointment,..   I dont  agree  that I must  become Ugly or fat..or  that Sarah,  Others   can Decide over my body or Love 

Angels Give Free Will, and I Have Free Will ?  you cant Decide Over Others in Angels Work ?   I Lived Good, have Pure Heart   worth it to Stay Beautiful and thin.. Send To USA Justice Court, Ennead and Senate






Trump, NASA Gave God Power to Sarah and Modified Me.. 


Trump & NASA, Putin Sarah and Illuminati ,  New 5D Realm, Planet X 






             All  Evidence    Nova Gaia    Trump Works With Putin          Trump ,Putin  Anon Putin   ??        Kim Jong Un, hacker Anonymous


Trump, friend of Dieter   Joseph Of Arimathea, Judas    Sananda = Dieter Braun, Werner Von Braun, Joseph Of Arimathea, King Arthur, ,Judas        Putin = Emperor Augustus



Not2Day ?            Christmas Sarah ?                Sarah, New Beginning ?         Rival be Gone ??       New World




Illuminati Show..  Appointment, 18 Y Living Out, 2002 – 2020       Never Got Selfworth of Love, Sex, I Continue Must become ugly or fat ?

Boys can do it with Girls and try sex with Girls pussy as much as they can,   Others made appointment I couldnt do it at 16y old,

I cried many Nights ( 32 )    Got No selfworth of love, sex.. Others Showed Hate and Laughed me off that I cant have love, sex.. .