Trump – Putin Russia Dossier, Mars, Nova Gaia, Planet X, Uranium 1 Biofuel, Targray, Appointment , Deciding & Living Out 2002 – 2020, Doing Lucifer Program







US president Donald Trump said: “I think we have a very good relationship with Russia, but Russia didn’t adhere to the treaty, and so until they adhere to the treaty, we will pull out. 

“There’s a very good chance we’ll make a new agreement or do something to put that agreement back together.”





















Uranium 1 & Targray Farms






Uranium 1 Case of Trump, Hillary and Putin & Nova Gaia




Trump’s $1.5B uranium bailout triggers rush of mining plans





Trump – Putin working Together and all Evidence of Nova Gaia, Mars New 5D Realm, Planet X


Trump – Russia Dossier is the Truth.. Trump, NASA work with Putin and Illuminati, Hillary Trump




NASA Modified me with Sarah and Illuminati :














Trump – Russia




Trump: Putin Is Better Leader Than Obama ?         Illuminati &   New 5D Realm


Fresh Supplies Delivered To Joint U.S.-Russian Space Station Crew      Dont Lie.. Russian at NASA ?             Putin, Trump adopt joint statement on 75th anniv of Elbe Day 



Did you steal all my Fantasy ?       New 5D Realm     Nova Gaia     5D project  (Heaven )            Trump Works With Putin Trump ,Putin  Anon Putin   ??     Kim Jong Un, hacker Anonymous


Trump, friend of Dieter   Joseph Of Arimathea, Judas    Sananda = Dieter Braun, Werner Von Braun, Joseph Of Arimathea, King Arthur, ,Judas        Putin = Emperor Augustus






WW3 Russ        Trump & Putin   The Fifthguys ( Sarah )    5D Earth         Russia & K Music ?           Listen this.. Justin Bieber  & Anonymous Suit?     > Explain This Illuminati <   

Q, Trump Love Will Remember, Selena Gomez  \NEO      Dont you Know ( X )   The Fifthguys & Coffeeshop  ( Sarah )    Trump & Illuminati      Trump, Hillary and Jesuits 






Sarah Hadassa &  New Beginnings ?